Our Beginning

In 2009, We had a vision for a non-profit charity, mobilizing expertise and resources to provide relief for the poor in times of natural disaster and assistance in community development. A base would be established in Jacksonville, FL, where people from all over the world could come and be trained in various disaster relief and community development strategies that would provide sustainability for the global poor, as well as training and projects to be implemented both in the USA and in developing countries. GloDev Inc® was the answer and has become the parent NGO (non-governmental organization) for several projects focused on training and feeding people around the world.


“A healthy community is possible. All you need is a seed.”

— Tim Lovelace, FOUNDER


We are working to change the face of hunger and poverty around the world and right here at home! We are building a 120 acre Eco-Farm that will feed thousands of hungry children per day. Food Pantrys, Food Banks, etc are great but children are already malnourished by eating junk food and processed food often donated to Food Banks. We want to provide fresh organic food to those who need it most at a low cost or free through our work4food program. Please consider helping us bring an end to hunger!

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Our Mission

Jacksonville has three major “food deserts” where a large percentage of the people don’t have access to healthy food. To combat this adversity, Eden Gardens® seeks to nourish our neighbors at the most fundamental level with healthy food options and a strong support network. All participants in our work4food program will get a portion of each harvest and surpluses will be donated to low-income families whose work schedules prevent them from volunteering.


Target - Dinsmore/Moncrief Area


are below poverty level


are immigrants or refugees


are food insecure


Eden Gardens® will invite area schools, churches and civic groups to participate in refining and implementing the vision.  Nearby churches will be empowered to take the lead in connecting with the people in the neighborhood, serving as the liaison for Work4Food days at the farm and be the relationship connectors. Civic groups such as Rotary Clubs, The International Learning Center, Kiwanis, Aquavast, Panshoo Kids and many others will be encouraged to partner by connecting their services with the needs of the individuals who will come to Eden Gardens® for the Work for Food and Literacy programs.

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Fresh Veggies

Get Involved

Volunteer Days Every 1st & 3rd Saturday

Come out to our farm and have fun with us as we learn together and grow healthy food. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. There is a rotation in roles, but we’ll teach you all the skills you need to know. Teenagers 14 years and older can earn community service credits for school in addition to getting produce for their families. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them for seed, fertilizer, tools, and outreach.

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