How we work

Community Focus

•    To host community-focused businesses who carry the understanding, innovation, manpower and resources to bring about effective change for the poor.


•    To build a comprehensive food system as a charity enterprise that will enhance and bring sustainability to the overall vision.


•    To provide a model for the U.S. and for those working in developing countries that demonstrates how to network churches, schools and civic groups together to bring about real change that is effective, honoring and lasting.

Practical Questions:

·       How will area schools, churches and civic groups be networked?

Eden Gardens® will invite area schools, churches and civic groups to participate in refining and implementing the vision.  Nearby churches will be empowered to take the lead in connecting with the people in the neighborhood, serving as the liaison for Work for Food days at the farm and be the relationship connectors. Civic groups such as Rotary Clubs, The International Learning Center, Kiwanis, Aquavast, Panshoo Kids and many others will be encouraged to partner by connecting their services with the needs of the individuals who will come to Eden Gardens® for the Work for Food and Literacy programs.

·       How can groups from out-of-state participate?

Groups can apply to come and work at the farm for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer. Ongoing training will be provided in the area of farming, aquaponics, working cross-culturally and networking.  Opportunities to interface with children and families, including immigrants, will be provided through the Work for Food and Literacy programs. Once the camp site is completed, groups can come and camp on site while working at the farm. The Lovelaces envision future team building and camp activities for youth and young adult groups, even pre-field departure and community development training on-site for groups preparing them for greater impact.

·       How will Eden Gardens®’ Farm be staffed?

  • Eden Gardens® will solicit for and provide opportunities for students to intern and/or apprentice at the farm for internship programs from both local colleges and colleges in other states.

  • Eden Gardens® already has a volunteer program to maintain the aquaponics systems at our farm and will continue to develop its volunteer program as the Community Farm is ready.

  • As grants and profit income provides, additional staff and farm hands will be hired.

·       How can this model be replicated in other locations in the U.S.?

As individuals, groups and churches experience this vision for creating a safe, respectful, and productive environment for addressing a range of practical needs, they will gain knowledge and confidence regarding the ingredients for success.  Prototypes for both smaller and larger scale projects will be provided to help participants adapt the Eden Gardens® principles and practices to their local circumstances. Hands-on experience with networking schools, churches and organizations for common goals and the well-being of an entire community is an essential strategy for participants to grasp.



Eden Gardens is a place to gather together and become a healthy community. Our team will guide the participants on a fun and educational journey. Everyone will grow as they play, learn and eat nutritious food.