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What happened this year?

In 2021, we were honored to host over 1000 people at Eden Gardens Farm. We are happy to report that over 2000 people were reached this year through our volunteer opportunities, aquaponics training course, field trips, farm tours, and events at the pavilion.

To break this down:

315 volunteers served at Eden Gardens this year. In addition, 42 of those were students from the University of North Florida and 28 from JEA, our local power company. 196 elementary and high school students came to learn about sustainable farming methods through our field trips to the farm, plus 136 more students were trained through 2 projects with local schools. We hosted five short-term missions groups, totaling 87 people who came to serve. 20 people became certified in our five-day aquaponics certification course. 313 people took part in our educational farm tours. We re-opened the HipCamp this Fall and have already had 15 campers. The Pavilion was put to good use by our volunteers, Go To Nations Events, and Local Churches, hosting a total of 742 people, many of whom toured the farm or bought fresh produce while here. And, our team hosted 118 people at special events.

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