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Spring Plant Sale

Eden Gardens is hosting our first ever annual Spring Plant Sale! After receiving a donation of seeds last year, we decided we want to be part of bringing food to your tables through helping you get 100% Chemical Free Seedlings for your Spring garden this year.

Here's a list of what's available:

Pepper Plants

Banana Peppers

Tobasco Peppers

Datil Peppers

Txorixero Peppers

Poblano Peppers

Cubanelle Peppers

Anaheim Peppers

Serrano Peppers

Sweet Orange Bell Peppers

Lemon Spice Jalapeno Peppers

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

Shishito Peppers


Tomato Plants

Indigo Rose

Black Krim


San Marzano

Super Sweet 100

Pole Cherry



Eggplant Plants

Florida Market

Asian Calilope

Asian Orient


Squash Plants

Straight Neck Summer Squash

Cocozelle Zucchini


Edible Flowers/Companion Plants

French Marigolds




Mexican Tarragon

Pineapple Sage

Aloe Vera

Lemon Grass


English Lavender

Cuban Oregano


Variegated Oregano

Common Chives

Orange Mint


Come to the farm, Saturday, April, 1st, 9-12 and get your seedlings. This will be a first come first serve event.

See you then!

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