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November Produce Selection

It's November and we've got produce available for you at the farm!

November always means Roselle Hibiscus at the farm. This is a crop we've grown for the past four years and had great success. Roselle Hibiscus is available fresh or dried.

Ginger & Turmeric are a favorite at the farm. There are so many benefits to making these a regular part of your diet.

Fall has become a welcome time for Bananas too! These bananas are rich with flavor and fun to harvest from the Banana Circle.

Eden Gardens Spring Lettuce Mix is ready to be harvested all month. We also have two varieties of spinach available in the Aquaponics System & Cucumbers in the Innovation Greenhouse.

Micro Greens! We've started growing these power house of nutrients again! This month we are featuring Kale Micro Greens and our Super Food Mix.

Year Round Herbs! Here's our list of Fresh Herbs:

Lemon Grass

Lemon Balm





Pineapple Sage




Don't miss your chance to try our Eden Gardens Coffee and get a Eden Gardens Shirt.

Join us every first & third Saturday for our Open House & Fresh Market to make your purchases of fresh, local, responsibly grown produce. All produce is priced based on $5 suggested donation to GloDev & Eden Gardens.

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