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Mexican Tarragon

Eden Gardens is a fan of Mexican Tarragon. This is a powerful herb we began growing in 2018. Like many other herbs at the farm, we've been able to propagate Mexican Tarragon taking cuttings and using our aquaponics system to root them. You can find it growing all over the farm, but especially in the Apothecary Garden.

Reasons we love Mexican Tarragon:

  • Mexican Tarragon is a perennial in our area. It comes back each Spring and sends vibrant yellow blooms each Fall attracting all kinds of pollinators to the farm.

  • Mexican Tarragon is a great companion plant for vegetables such as, tomatoes and eggplant. Since we don't spray any chemicals, we like to find natural ways of keeping pests off our plants. Mexican Tarragon is known for helping as a natural insecticide against nematodes in the soil.

  • Mexican Tarragon is a medicinal herb. It has a great licorice flavor that we use to make tea. Mexican Tarragon is known for helping as a sleep aide, reducing inflammation, reducing blood sugar, and reducing nausea.

Mexican Tarragon can be eaten raw or dried. Come to the farm to enjoy this herb we have growing.

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