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Meet the New Farm Dogs: Mercy & Jelly Bean

Mercy & Jelly Bean arrived all the way from Missouri on January 1st this year. So far they are loving their new home here at Eden Gardens. Their favorite activity is exploring the farm and smelling all the new smells. They are only six months, so they also really enjoy finding things to chew on.

They are a mix of Beagle and Australian Shepherd. Mercy is a lighter color with blue, green, black eyes. Jelly is a darker color of brown with brown eyes. They're easy to mix up when you first meet them. These sweet pups lost their mom when they were only a week old. We didn't think they were going to make it. Because of the excellent care from Hannah's brother, Ben, and his wife, Kasey, and their daughters and son, Mercy & Jelly Bean found their way to us at Eden Gardens.

Come visit us at the farm to meet our newest addition! We love them so much already!

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