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English Lavender & Honey Bees

Eden Gardens began growing English Lavender in 2017 through a 4" pot that was purchased from a local plant nursery. We decided to experiment and see if we could propagate the English Lavender through cuttings in the aquaponics system. We were successful! One hundred percent of the cuttings rooted and were then transplanted to soil to grow as an edible and beneficial herb around the farm.

We quickly discovered the honey bees love the lavender! We brought out 30 cuttings of lavender from the commercial aquaponics greenhouse to pot up and in less than two minutes, we had three honey bees buzzing around the soft purple blooms. Lavender honey? Yes!

Because of our success with this fragrant and beneficial herb, we decided to do some studying on English Lavender. Here's a list of our favorite things we've learned.

Benefits of English Lavender

  1. English Lavender is a natural insect/mosquito repellant making it a great herb to grow around your house.

  2. English Lavender is great for skin conditions. We experimented with making a sugar scrub from the lavender leaves and it was both healing and repairing from the bug bites and sub burns we experience.

  3. English Lavender makes great tea! The tea we make is perfect to drink before bed helping to aide with both sleep and digestion.

  4. English Lavender feeds the bees!

Come to the farm to learn more about English Lavender and take home your own cutting to begin growing.

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