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Egyptian Spinach

Eden Gardens was introduced to Egyptian Spinach, also known as Molokhia, through one of our volunteers, Per Evenson in 2017. We love it so much that we've continued growing it every year since.

Each Spring we look forward to these tasty green leaves.

Here's our top three reasons we love growing Egyptian Spinach:

  1. Egyptian Spinach is fast growing! We're able to harvest multiple times off of one plant.

  2. Egyptian Spinach likes our Florida heat and full sun making it a great plant to grow in the Summer.

  3. Egyptian Spinach is full nutrients and is considered to be one of the most nutritious plants to eat.

Egyptian spinach is a great addition to any meal. We add it to smoothies, salads, or throw it in with sautéed Eden Garden vegetables and soups.

Come to the farm to help us harvest Egyptian Spinach and take some home for you and your family!

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