Our persistent negotiations with nature turned this 6 acres into Phase One.


―Phase One

Phase One is now two thirds complete! We have two Aquaponic greenhouses, composting garden and a citrus orchard. Soon we will begin construction on a 9,000 sqf Hydroponic greenhouse that will produce 5,500 heads of lettuce per week.


What we’ve accomplished:



The first commercial Aquaponic Greenhouse is fully operational and capable of producing 5000 plants every 6 weeks.



We have another Aquaponic Greenhouse with 4 different types of aquaponic systems that we use for training. We offer classes through North Florida Aquaponics for those who want to learn how to build Sustainable Micro-farms ®



The compost garden is over an acre and produces fresh, chemical-free lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, squash, carrots and many other wonderfully tasting foods.