College Intern Aces Capstone!

One of our college interns recently defended her capstone project in her effort to obtain a Masters Degree. We congratulate Ashley Pritchard in a successful capstone defense and she is now ready to graduate! Yay! Ashley has been with us for about a year working hard and learning a lot while developing her capstone project regarding Aquaponics Curriculum for Students. She recently “tested” her new curriculum with a group of Homeschoolers and did a great job!

We are very grateful for the excellent work and helping us to expand our experience for education. The curriculum will be used on many fronts. One of which is field trips with purpose. Eden Gardens loves hosting field trips for all ages and we have desired to enhance the experience with tools for further learning. Ashley’s curriculum is the perfect answer as it provides a pre-lesson to be used by the teacher before the farm visit. It also has a station lesson where the group is divided into smaller groups that rotate around 5 learning stations, each with a guided lesson and take-home worksheet.

Now we can give field trips that extra edge that extends beyond the classroom and hopefully stirs interest in the students about agriculture and the environment.

Thank you and congratulations to our intern, Ashley Pritchard