Eden Gardens Farm is now a reality!

This was the week we have been waiting for! We officially closed on the new property at 9000 Garden Street and now we are ready to begin Phase I of Eden Gardens. The new farm will offer a wonderful place for families to play, learn and grow.

Eden Gardens is the reality of a dream I had in 2009 that included a large piece of land near the city that we could grow food to feed the masses while offering a safe place for whole families to enjoy the beauty of creation. Not just another nature park, but a "Food Park". Children and families can learn, play and grow their own food all in an environment free from chemicals.

We will begin Phase I in this month consisting of building our first commercial aquaponics greenhouse and tool sheds. We will begin raising tilapia and growing fresh organic herbs and vegetables this Fall. Phase II will begin next Spring with the new 10 acre Community Food Park offering over 150 edible fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables and herbs grown without chemicals using HugelKultur Swales.

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Tim Lovelace