Honey bees are in trouble on a global scale. We are working to raise strong hives.


―Bee Crisis

Beekeepers lose colonies of honeybees on a regular basis; a bee is a fragile creature with a short lifespan even in the best of times, and there are many, many issues that can cause the loss of a colony.


What we’ve accomplished:



We added two mature hives just after the hive had been split. The hives were very established from a local beekeeper.



We placed the hives between the wetland and our citrus orchard which almost guarantees the survival of the hives. We will continue splitting these hives each year to reach our goal of 50 total hives.



The bees are content and protected. Our farm is at least 5 miles from the nearest traditional farm where pesticides could be used. Our farm has 50 acres of wetland which acts as a protective boundary for the bees. The wetland provides year-round food and water keeping the bees satisfied.